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Project summary

日期: 2013-11-30
浏览次数: 116

With development of global optical network coverage and Internet wisdom network application in full swing optical fiber instead of copper wire have begun to 'upgrade', In our country in the guiding ideology of the fiber and the strong policy support, all optical access, smart home, smart communities, smart city is rapidly penetrate. Followed by the family, community, property, real estate, ISP, operations and other business needs are becoming increasingly evident. However, the traditional business and services in the functional lags behind the current family business development and network configuration needs, we have to think about this:

--- Real estate, property, ISP, the creators have to enter the smart home, how to work together with the third party and mutual benefit and win-win?

--- Internet application has been in-depth operations / management / life of all aspects, how to ensure that the user's use of software and hardware security and stability?

--- Family, community life is more and more rich and colorful, how to use the intelligent software and hardware, provide the most convenient and efficient service and support?

--- The rise of smart home, network operators increased, how to ensure that a variety of network / product access, so that users can use worry free?

--- Family / community model is now in the era of change, how to work together to create a real estate / property to create a sustainable business model?

   Deep thinking on the business and operation based on the scheme of community construction, emerge as the times require ANYK’s wisdom. The program combines the current family in the CATV, VOIP, WIFI, family cloud services, smart home and other areas of business needs, Combined with the wisdom of the community, the wisdom of the city management and operation concept, With software defined network, as the network, property, real estate business, community services, property management, business promotion, the equivalent of a value-added program, build a 'smart home', 'wisdom community', 'wisdom operations' as one of the value-added business solutions:

--- Open: open Android, Java components, third party ISP and the creation of a two development platform.

---Security: provide third party security transmission link, supports third party security rules, can set up HomeNAS data automatic backup, to protect users' security and stability.

--- Wisdom: can realize the peripheral smart home electronic products accessibility access; at the same time through the Android interface to develop its own business and applications, such as equipment alarm, control, linkage, etc..

--- Compatible: CTC and E8C standards, telecom quality. Meet the needs of a variety of networks (Telecom, China Unicom, mobile) access.

--- Can be added: to provide a platform for the promotion of /WIFI, information push and other value-added services, to achieve the Positioning WIFI functions to meet the needs of commercial real estate users.


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