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SERVICE SCOPE / Technology Project planning Solution Implementation Training Resource
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    ANYKtechnology takes "create value for customers" as the vision .Sinceits establishment, it has always been concerned on the customer’s needs, in thedesign of the solution, products, technologies and service process. ANYK insistsintegrate and innovation unceasingly, and is committed to provide open, safety,innovation and comprehensive technology and services!
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    ANYK technology will manage the funds operatingprocedures more fully and systematically, do the financial budget more scientificallyand meticulously, and make the fund utilization rate maximizing businessoperating management. We will make more forward, honest, cooperative,efficient, high-quality management guidelines as a basis for the team-buildingwork.  And adhere to the concept of talenttraining; strive to build a good team, to provide customers with the highestquality service and scientific guidance.
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    ANYKtechnology always insists the customer-centric, and solves problems for them. Andrecently, ANYK has launched a series of external resources export support services.Talentexport: on one hand, it achieves the greatest degree of reducing customermanagement and labor costs and on the other hand, it quickly resolves theproblem according to the needs which reach the goals to realize thecustomer-side benefit maximize.Productprogress output:  support the local production;
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    Inthe field of PON, especially in OLT connection and testing technology, alwaysmake a problem for most of small and medium equipment manufacturers and operators.Network connection failure, device docking problem, which cannot be solved in time,and equipment testing approach rusty, all above bring a lot of problems to enterprise.In order to solve those problems, ANYK launch the testing and training approachto supply all customers and our partners with the development of testing and training,and finally to solve the test problems.
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WORK CASE / Today we are unique, the future of our outstanding lead! More
  • Intelligent Network
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  • Industry Solution
  • In recent years, VOIP has become a family, especially theapplication of new office, VOIP technology has a flexible and diverse businessapproach, excellent performance and price ratio, efficient transm...
  • With the development of society and the continuous improvement ofcommunication facilities, the demand for intelligent, convenient and fastresponse is more and more high, And the current full coverage ...
  • In the broadband communication, the fiber optic network deployment is increasingly applied to fulfill the cloud application and high-demand multimedia streaming needs nowadays. The fiber optic transmi...
  • Superior Solutions Deliver a Superior ExperienceWith speeds of up to 1 Gbps, broadband has changed consumer expectations. Demand for continuously increases in speed is driving technology shifts. Cons...
  • Smart home gateway A9, the brain of your smart homeANYK A9 series, a device works with wireless protocol, ZigBee, and 4G LTE connectivity for always-connected functionality. This device...
  • What is Smart Health? Smart health systems provide health related services using a network — some kind of connection between intelligent agents. These intelligent agents could be computing device...
  • Complete PoE Solution for Commercial and Industrial Network, As a pioneer in networking equipment innovation, ANYK provides full range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) product lines from Power Sourcing Eq...
  • ANYK G/EPON conforms to the ITU G.984 standard including amendments for Extended ReachG/EPON. Our solutions save tens of thousands of dollars in outside plant cabinet and powering costs by extend...
  • Delivering on the promise of broadbandSavvy service providers around the globe are discovering the power of gigabit networks to capture the imagination of their subscribers. Higher broadband take rate...
ABOUT US 10-year concentration, 10-year experience accumulation
About us / 公司简介
ANYK –Company profile  We advocate: Software defines network, making the 'smart' operation mode into community, and using smart application to benefit all residents. We believe: Our first-class management, R&D team and high-quality customers are our most valuable resource. We hold fast: Going for enduring development step by step, striving for the excellence, and the value of contribution. We claim: Providing 101% services sincerely, and pursuing 101% customers' satisfaction. Shenzhen ANYK Technology, ever since its foundation in 2008, is the high-tech enterprisesfocused on the smart home optical network integrated services platform. We aspire to beintelligent optical network technology leader by committing to provide open, secure, intelligent, compatible, value-added products and technical services.We have strong and independent R&D team as well as the rigorous test platform. All products are independent and intellectual property of our com...
Shenzhen ANYK Technology Co.,LTD is founded in 2006, which is a high-tech enterprise focusing on integrated services platform of smart home optical network. We are going in for timeless development step by step, pursuit of excellence and contribution of value.
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All optical Open platform Smart network 10-year
Sincere practice goes far gradually, pursuit of excellence, dedicating our value, we never stop our step forward, appreciate you come along with us all the way. Hopefully we make progress together and establish mutual beneficial and win-win business relationship and friendship--Anyk will be with you into the future.
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