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2013 - 11 - 30
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Big data analysis and management

日期: 2013-11-30
浏览次数: 588


----Embrace the most valuable information resources


Big data everywhere, you really grasp it?


Data analysis and management has been are economic strategy is the essential important link, especially under the background of the real estate in fierce competition. The analysis of big data business forecast, customer analysis, customer groups based on the control, the real estate business has become a magic weapon for winning. However, although it is in the era of big data, the vast numbers of real estate developers are still faced with some of the problems:


  • The user is not centralized, how to obtain extensive, comprehensive data resources?

  • The property of scattered distribution, how to seize the data interface, user groups?

  • How to precede the effective data processing and application, make the data more valuable?


     ANYK's big data analysis and management solutions, For the real estate business information scattered, users do not focus, business expansion difficulties, for customers to integrate the community's internal advertising screen, information kiosks, community user terminal PC\ mobile information access port, the integration of fragmented community \'s property information access port, the integration of the surrounding area of information, for real estate companies to obtain a wide range of data resources and binding end users. And the use of professional data analysis and processing, the effective integration of scattered information analysis, for the real estate business forecasting, decision-making and provide strong data support.

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