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Please contact usSHENZHENANYK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Add: 3F, 8B, Tongfuyu Ind. Park, Tanglang, Xili, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China. Tel: 86-755-26068758 Service Hotline:400-0022-058 Fax: 86-755-26068176 SHENZHENANYK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Add: 3F, 8B, Tongfuyu Ind. Park, Tanglang, Xili, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China. Tel: 86-755-26068758 Service Hotline:400-0022-058 Fax: 86-755-26068176
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Service target: Adhere to the "integrity & pragmatic",take to the customer as the center, continuous improvement of the company'sservice level; 101% warm, excellent product quality, quick response, to do yourtrusted partner!  Service concept : At ANYK,We provide open, security, intelligence, compatible, value-added smart homeoptical network integrated services platform products and technology, and ourmission is to earn the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industryby providing world class service and support. Our service philosophy is agile,and we believe that the success of the cooperation depends on a collaborativeeffort between ANYK,ANYK partners and our customers.
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2018 - 01 - 05
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Smart home gateway A9, the brain of your smart homeANYK A9 series, a device works with wireless protocol, ZigBee, and 4G LTE connectivity for always-connected functionality. This device...
2015 - 10 - 21
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Connection, whichis changing everything in the world  Background of our solution: (In the era of economy of mobile Internet, peopleare interconnected, things are interconnected, industries a...
2013 - 11 - 29
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In recent years, VOIP has become a family, especially theapplication of new office, VOIP technology has a flexible and diverse businessapproach, excellent performance and price ratio, efficient transm...
2018 - 01 - 05
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What is Smart Health? Smart health systems provide health related services using a network — some kind of connection between intelligent agents. These intelligent agents could be computing device...
2015 - 10 - 21
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Connection, betweenworld and us  Background of solution:  IoT(Internet of Things) is the connection of twoends--world and us. Anyk technology is dedicated to building sensiblefully-connected...
AK-SH1DS Smart Door Sensor, adopts super low power ZigBee wireless networking technology, makes a longer battery life-span, can feel open or close state of the door or window through closing and separ...
AK-SH1CT series smart CT bulb is one of the smart home products of ANYK Technology, Remote control for wireless control, achieve intelligent illumination lamps and lanterns, adjustable brightness, bot...
AK-SH1CG Combustible Smart Gas Sensor adopts extra low power consumption ZigBee wireless module. Used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing danger caused by gas leakage. ZigBee rep...
General DescriptionAK-SH1CA is a smart carbon monoxide sensor, adopts super low power consumption ZigBee wireless networking technology, used for detection carbon monoxide. Sensor adopts high performa...
Model:AK-C115W Smart Camera SystemWEBDefault account and password : adminP2PFree, Plug and Play, no port forwardingAPPAndroid:search EasyN P in Google play or visit /
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