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2015 - 10 - 21
点击次数: 1133
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Integrated Full Connection

日期: 2015-10-21
浏览次数: 1133



Connection, which is changing everything in the world


Background of our solution:


(In the era of economy of mobile Internet, people are interconnected, things are interconnected, industries are interconnected, O2O, IOT (Internet of things means all things interconnected) has been and will become new normal of reality and future social life. From IT to DT, the thinking mode of the Internet is bound to have a profound impact on people in the social and economic life in all aspects, reshaping people's understanding of life and changing people’s life style)


Features of our solution:


Internet, Internet of things, communication network merged together with full connection

Big Fusion has driven across the global network connection and technological innovation and revolution, which is also the largest scale, fastest development and most active innovation field, adaptating, chasing and leading the revolution has always been our goal. Through continuous research and cumulation, our company Anyk has launched a solution of integrated full connection of Internet, Internet of things and communication network, and creating a integrated full connection by all-optical network, open interface, mobile terminal app, cloud, establishing a fully-connected intelligent network of people to people, thing to thing and industry to industry.


Flexible network construction, integrated with full connection

Due to the growing demand of application, special network becoms more and more during the past traditional netwrok construction. Repeated construction can not be made full use of, management and maintenance personnel continues to grow, collaborative development is increasingly difficult and construction cost is rising heavily. These questions are to promote evolution from network construction informatization to infrastructure platformization, from information application system as the key line to the information infrastructure as the key line.


In view of this situation, our intergrated full connection solution can achieve integrated full service carrying, reduce the network node and its level, increase flexibility of network construction, bring down costs of operation fault rate and comprehensive, through which can effectively help you dropping a heavy burden of repeated network construction, operation and maintenance


Prospect of our solution:


In cooperation with real estate companies, telecom operators, content operators, smart home appliances suppliers and security facilities suppliers to creat an integrated interface, and a next generation smart home environment with data bandwidth can be guaranteed, content can be operated, home facilities can be manipulated and home environment can be adjusted and home security can be guaranted. To construct a mart home with integrated and balanced all aspects of living environment, is the the implementation of Anyk technology concern about people, people-oriented belief




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