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2013 - 11 - 29
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Broadband +WIFI+VOIP solution

日期: 2013-11-29
浏览次数: 1022


In recent years, VOIP has become a family, especially the application of new office, VOIP technology has a flexible and diverse business approach, excellent performance and price ratio, efficient transmission efficiency, compatibility, and can make full use of network resources, It brings not only the cost of the phone, but also the change of management and communication mode and the efficient use of resources. But with the improvement of VOIP and IP network technology matures, the traditional VOIP application also ushered in the new optimization and innovation.


ANYK’s VOIP+WLAN solutions, based on the traditional VOIP, the introduction of WLAN function, let the mobile phone, tablet to join the ranks of VOIP applications, making the VoIP technology in a wide range of applications with better mobility. VoIP biggest advantage is that the Internet and the global IP can be widely used in the environment, the IP network to effectively transmit voice, video, data and other business. WLAN is a convenient data transmission system, it uses is the RF technology, abandon the old high cost of composed of twisted pair copper wire local area network, and makes the wireless local area network using simple access architecture for air transport to, allowing users to "portable" achieve ideal.



Community application:


(1) The realization of free real-time video, talk and communication between the neighbors


(2) Community activities, voting, meetings, etc., can be carried out through the VOIP phone, mobile phone, tablet, communication more effective


(3) Residents can directly use the phone at home to make VOIP phone calls, save phone costs


(4) Remove the mess of the home network cable, telephone line, so that the family is more beautiful, more comfortable life



Enterprise application:


(1) The elimination of complex office communications, mobile phones, laptops are the company's internal communications equipment


(2)  Seamless integration of multi video / phone conference functions are not more efficient


(3)  To reduce the cost of expensive domestic / international traffic


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