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Broadband +WLAN full coverage access scheme

日期: 2013-11-29
浏览次数: 848


     With the development of society and the continuous improvement of communication facilities, the demand for intelligent, convenient and fast response is more and more high, And the current full coverage of the majority of the region to achieve the no place without the network, to meet the needs of WLAN communications business continues to change and grow, they need high bandwidth, safe and reliable, "ubiquitous" network.


And the cable broadband access, which is provided by the traditional Ethernet switch, is becoming more and more prominent:

  1. broadcast storms and viruses, they are widespread in the network, take up a lot of bandwidth, interfere with the normal operation of the user;

  2. lack of flexibility in the network, General use of the L3 sink +L2 switch mode, due to the need to supply the L3 switch, so only in the place of power supply, to use the L3 switch network resources, which reduces the flexibility of laying fiber.

WLAN full coverage solution, based on PON technology, PON is one of the important technologies of the next generation network, it can effectively improve the access layer bandwidth, And by dividing the VLAN technology to isolate each user, So as to prevent the occurrence of virus and broadcast storm; At the same time, the use of optical devices (passive devices, without power supply), so that PON fiber optic network everywhere; It gives a high bandwidth, security, flexibility, and no dead angle access to the WLAN, so that WLAN can be carried out in any flexible wireless broadband coverage.


Coverage area:

  1. Half open space, such as parking, fitness room, conference room, office, office, etc.

  2. The enclosed space room more buildings, such as elevators, stairs, walkways etc.

  3. Outdoor public areas within the community, such as outdoor exercise areas, lawns, artificial lakes, etc.

  4. A large and complex area of traffic, such as train station, bus station, etc.  

Community application:

  1. to the community operators, living businesses rent WIFI hot spots, to obtain value-added benefits

  2. the introduction of WIFI advertising to businesses to push business, access to value-added benefits

  3. to rent / free WIFI hot spots, access to community WIFI users, increase the effectiveness of advertising  

Enterprise application:

  1. WIFI full coverage of office / office building, providing a platform for real-time communication / wireless telephone conference / unified communication

  2. to allow customers access to the enterprise WIFI convenient access to corporate micro channel, official microblogging, business information such as the official website of the official website to visit customers to push

  3. the layout of the enterprise to get rid of the complex communication and routing  

Municipal construction application:

  1. for the railway station, bus station, bus station and other transportation hub location convenient WIFI coverage, to encourage low carbon life

  2. for public toilets, public parking, underground tunnels, tunnels and other places of safety WIFI coverage, to provide security for the public

  3. for the hot spots, the tourist area to configure the WIFI to cover, to increase the tourist safety travel protection, also can be used as the tourism marketing promotion interface


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