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Fiber Optic Connectivity

日期: 2018-01-23
浏览次数: 1523


In the broadband communication, the fiber optic network deployment is increasingly applied to fulfill the cloud application and high-demand multimedia streaming needs nowadays. The fiber optic transmission has large advantages over existing copper wire due to the optic fiber cable carries much lower attenuation and interference. However, compared to the existing copper or UTP cable, fiber optic was relatively expensive and difficult to be widely deployed in a short period of time. Besides fiber optic system usually employed by core network such as telecommunication, campus and hospital, fiber Switch, media conversion and GEPON passive optics devices are various available ways to efficiently deploy fiber connectivity network.


l Comprehensive Solution from the Edge to the Core

Through years of experience in IP networking and fiber communication, ANYK has developed a comprehensive fiber connectivity solution to help ISPs, telecoms quickly construct broadband service as well as the fast connectivity to the edge.

ANYK provides broad range of Fiber-related product lines adapting for all kinds of working environments. ANYK delivers solution of fiber connectivity in commercial, carrier grade, and especially industrial level products for stable networking in wide operating temperature.

By means of improving the technology of Optical Fiber Ethernet with high-flexible, high-extendable and easy-installation features, the data exchange speed of Optical Fiber Ethernet is up to 10Gbps and the distance of Gigabit Optical Fiber is up to 120Kms. ANYK Ethernet Switch Solution is the best choice to connect the enterprise, community and campus in metropolitan area to backbone network for service providers.

l Media Conversion

Media conversion is a cost-effective solution to extend fiber networking rapidly rather than adopting optical fiber only. It also efficiently helps to solve the distance limit between the Ethernet and Local Area Network. With the feature-rich converters provided by ANYK, the wiring distance of ANYK media converter chassis is extendable and available upon request as well.

Building a network solution of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) for ISPs, ANYK Manageable family of converters offer the multiple selections for FTTx deployment.

l Passive Optical Network (PON)

Passive Optical Network (PON) would be the most promising NGN (Next Generation Networking) technology to fulfill the high bandwidth demand of HDTV, IPTV, voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Multimedia broadband applications. PON technology is developed to support PMP (Point-to-Multi-Point) applications and offers advantages of reduced cost by sharing the equipment and fiber at the CO, and easy maintenance compared to the active equipment.

ANYK provides GEPON OLT and ONU solution offering competitive advantages:

A long-term life expectancy of the fiber infrastructure

Lower operating costs from the reduction of “active” components

Supporting up to 20km distance between equipment nodes

Easy Installation and maintenance

Providing much greater bandwidth.

ANYK GEPON OLT and ONU solution is the perfect solution for Triple Play or Surveillance applications. It provides ultra-high speed Internet connection for IPTV, surfing Internet, making VoIP phone call and IP surveillance by great cost saving point-to-multipoint FTTx technology.

Fiber Optic Connectivity

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