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Perceptible full connection

日期: 2015-10-21
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Connection, between world and us


Background of solution:


IoT(Internet of Things) is the connection of two ends--world and us. Anyk technology is dedicated to building sensible fully-connected world. In the future, home environment in all aspects should be able to interact with each other through intelligent interface, information can be interacted, and ultimately can be Collaborative interaction by the intelligent control rules based on setups by people, thereby we creat a comfortable and safe living environment of everything can be controlled by human。


Features of solution:


Open physical interface, composition modules of intelligent family can interact information automatically , physical connection can be perceived

Smart home integrated services platform created by us can collect smart home information of each module through the open physical connection port, and transfer the information to the associated module or people, the regulation of module connection by driver or the person perception, the transfer based on rules, which makes changes in the external environment feeding back to related modules in the smart hom, finally adjust and promote home internal environment with changes in the external environment manually or automatically, keep home environment in comfortable and security environment。


Flexible information interaction of object to human, perceivable full connection  

In the future, data of home environment not only can freely be interacted with each other in the IOE, but also data by ingreted and intelligently-fetched can be transfered through different ways such as text, pictures and video, which will promote people's final decision and action. Similarly, people can also pass all espects of their own needs to different modules of smart through a flexible object manipulation to drive various modules adjusted, and ultimately form a satisfactory security and comfortable home environment。


For perceptible full connection, perception is free interaction of a full range of information and information between the different modules of the smart home based on the rules. People perceive the interface between people and objects by their own experience, and feed back to the smart home module through the flexible control approach to the needs of their own, which creats totally perceptible full connection of human to object, object to object。


Prospect of solotion:


Truedox technology original deeply involved in the research of smart home, construction, based on its own technical accumulation, participation, organization and leadership to build smart home of the interaction interface module. At the same time, Dashi technology to their own nationality of technology accumulation and construction of open interfaces, to attract third-party resources building the character of perception and control interface. And the final construction of the physical and material, human and the full range of human and material can be manipulated by the full connection integrated program。




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