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Open Full Connection

日期: 2015-10-21
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Open, which is to Develop strategic partners and creat mutual benefit and win-win opportunities  


Background of Solution:



After years of precipitation and practice, smart home, smart communit finally began to step forward to reality, intelligent furniture, intelligent home appliances, intelligent security is going to communities and daily lives of the residents. Smart applications are changing our ways of life, except of which, it’s also rapidly changing and refreshing the optical access technology. Many intelligent device manufacturers, platform service providers have emerged constantly, industry consolidation starts gradually.


Features of Solution:


Support secondary development for developers / makers

We provide open API and Android platform, support to developers and customers with open Java Android components, support secondary development, and we provide platform of customer for them with hardware and software products and services quickly, establish a comprehensive collaborative and strategic partnership.


Support for the opening and exchange interface of the smart device manufacturer

Smart furniture, smart appliances, smart security and so on, intellectualization is gradually invading to every corner, the industry chain is also in the crazy growth, however, due to the lack of market standardization, many smart device manufacturers have to make their own equipment from scratch, they make docking, which leading to the lack of unity and mutual compatibility and result in market intelligence equipment with each own system respectively, development process is slow and difficult. With the improvement of the industrial chain, this kind of extensive development will gradually be replaced by integrated and entity system structure.


Anyk Technology has 10 years of professional and technical industry experience, for a long time we enjoy a good reputation of majority of user groups, and we provide intelligent device manufacturers provides with an open, can-be-exchanged third-party interface in the field of optical access, we are striving for the goal of "as long as you have the equipment, we will be able to provide you with the wisdom of docking", hopefully we ease intelligent equipment manufacturers’ concerns so that they can try the best to pay more attention in technology research and development of intelligent equipment and the application itself without worry about client application adaptation problems. With the vast number of smart device manufacturers, we expect to enter into cooperation, win-win partnerships with them, to jointly promote development of intelligent family, intelligent community and intelligent life, bringing intelligent life to the community and every family.


Support for customized exclusive connection of real estate business / property

There are professional R&D technology, solution implementation and technical service team, which support in the majority of the real estate business and property tailored exclusive all-optical access solution, exclusive of cloud services, brand APP and provide solution integration, operation sharing, equipment leasing and other business cooperation modes as well as provide echnology and service of custom all-optical full connection.


Prospect of Solution:


We Anyk Technology hopefully full connection solutions can devote to the development of intelligent optical network, meanwhile, during the implementation process, we can establish more strategic partnerships, create a harmonious ecosystem by intelligent optical network full connection to have a win-win cooperation.




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